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Business Design Academy for entrepreneurs


After finishing this program, you have a product or small collection as well as all the essential parts of your future business universe. You know how to lead and manage a successful company.


... an enthusiastic maker ready to take your craftiness to business. You might already own a company, but it doesn’t work as well as you would like.
... dreaming of your own physical product collection. You want to create meaningful objects that are important to your clients.
... passionate about what you do. The journey is long and weary, it will not work out without.
... ready to make decisions, even though ones, that
are needed for making your business successful.
Sometimes we need to change direction or even start over.
... serious about your commitment and a hard worker.


... experienced strategic design and marketing professionals on a global level. 

... living our truth and actually doing the work every day. We know the difficulties, but most importantly, we know how to solve your challenges and still keep the fun and motivation.

... honest. If you find out during the trial period, that the course doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.




Think for a moment, what the world would be like without all small businesses. They take care of every national and often local identity: clothing, food, cityscape and products that empower diverse groups of people. When we travel, be it abroad, in our home country or even in our own neighbourhood, our dream is to be the first one, who discovers a wonderful local business with unique and authentic products. 

Here you will find your loving business family, who will help you become the owner and leader of an influential company. How cool is that!


You learn to:
... find the most beneficial product ideas for your business.
... design products that are meaningful to your customers and to yourself.
... use professional design and marketing methods.
... create a sustainable pricing strategy that reflects the value of the products.
... create inspiring sales and marketing materials.
... enjoy selling in your own personal way.

1. Introduction
Our approach and us
Learning path explanation
What is business design
What to do if you get lost

2. Find your opportunity
Mapping your resources
Find the opportunity
Set your vision and mission
Research megatrends
The role of fast trends
Research product possibilities
Customer profile
Competitor research
Discover customer needs
Create meaningful ideas
Set your goals

3. Design your products
Create the DNA of your business
Design process
Design tools
Plan your collection
Use colors and finishes
Materials, patterns and textures
Create prototypes
Customer Journey
Manufacturing methods
Price calculations
Website introduction
Finalize business plan

4. Find your first clients
What is sales and marketing
BtB and BtC sales
What do I need to sell
How to write good texts
How to shoot good photos
Design a logo
Create website
Create SoMe accounts
Create SoMe content
Make a sales pitch
How to be accountable in sales

5. Growing your business
Future strategies
Team building and outsourcing
R&D in future
Refining marketing and sales


An intensive program teaching you to design your own product collection
and build the whole ecosystem needed for a successful business.


159 EUR /month

  • 10 Modules
  • 60 lessons
  • Templates
  • Daily tasks
  • Support group
  • 1H personal coaching


69 EUR /month

  • 10 Modules
  • 60 lessons
  • Templates
  • Daily tasks
  • Support group
  • -


35 EUR / 3 weeks

  • 1 Module
  • 15 Lessons
  • Templates
  • Daily tasks
  • -
  • -

Get started now and discover business thinking for creative entrepreneurs

Hello, Bonjour, Moi, Hej, 你好,
مرحبا, Hola, Tere, 여보세요!

We love small companies because they are driven by people like us. Creative, quirky, talented, smart and passionate. But more than 80% of new businesses are failing, why? Mostly because of products that have no market. That is easy to fix!

Our Business Design Academy was set up because there is a lot of advice online about how to market your products, but not a word about how to design them. When we connect design and marketing, as we have done in the research and development departments of the big companies, we can release extraordinary products and stories people love.

We help makers and designers to succeed with their dreams of creating their own physical product collection. And we want to build a multicultural business-family for people, who have the same values and who want to succeed in their own way. We focus on your creativity as the most important asset of your business and help you to expand your ideas and find where they matter the most.

Our magic comes from proven product development methods and design thinking framework. The same methods are used by all innovative Fortune 500 companies. We just have finetuned them for creative entrepreneurs like you.

Let’s make your dreams come true!

Greetings from Paris,
Heidi and Katrin



Design and strategy paramedic



Marketing and strategy paramedic


Master of Art in textile and industrial design from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. Business Advisor, Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management.

Lives saved:

Her own for one, by finding her voice as a designer and the courage to be herself and close to 6.000 days of business CPR performed to clients worth worldwide.


A childishly enthusiastic strategic designer, who is not afraid of anything. A sharp visionary and extremely efficient. Speaks 4 languages, none of them perfectly, but communication has never been a problem. Craves forever a good coffee, knows all the authentic delicious places to eat and loves to dance salsa.


  • 15 000€ grant for Nordic Design Society. Finnish–Estonian Culture Foundation
  • Red dot design award. Teamwork, KONE Corporation
  • German Design Award, Teamwork, KONE Corporation
  • Iconic Award, Teamwork, KONE Corporation
  • Good Design Award, Teamwork, KONE Corporation
  • Grant from TULI, Tekes (Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation)
  • Innovative product for Iittala OY AB, 1st Prize, IITTALA OY AB
  • Qualification:

    HD Business graduate from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

    Lives saved:

    More than 5.000 days of perfecting Marketing CPR to clients mainly in the Nordics and France


    A creative marketing professional, with a head full of ideas and a can-do attitude. Can organize the hell out of anything and always find solutions to any challenge. Passionate about creating/telling stories and letting the creativity flow. Mother of 3 energetic children, family person to the core, hates coffee (why, with 3 children??), loves reading books and started playing the piano again.


    Winner of IDEA , a European innovation competition, in the category “low-cost operations”


    Q: I have never studied design, how can I possibly be able to do the same as a professional?

    A: Did you know that creativity is not the exclusive right of designers and artists? Other professions have an equal percentage of creative people, and in return, a large proportion of designers are no more creative than a bad accountant. Creativity is an attitude, not a gift. All you need is will.

    Q: What if I don't come up with any ideas?

    A: If you follow the instructions, you surely will. We use the same formula ourselves, when designing and marketing products for other companies. The first time you follow the instructions carefully. Later, you will be able to do the process on your own, when you know the tools that work best for you. No designer has been born into the job, everyone has learned in one way or another.

    Q: Yes, I‘m a designer, but I have not yet done anything. I’m desperate because no company wants to buy my services, because I don't yet have any clients. The amount of free work I have put into it is crazy. It doesn’t matter that I'm the Master of art. I have sent so many ideas to different companies, and the result has been exactly zero! Will I benefit from this course?

    A: We completely understand your frustration, as we have been in the same situation and remember it like yesterday. When you're tired of sending free ideas to companies, or being on the payroll as a sales assistant, and the company refuses to give you tasks which correspond to your actual skills, it may be time to invest in yourself and start creating your own product line, where you can decide everything.

    Creativity does not equal drawing or nurturing the artistic ego, it means inventive thinking in the situation where you are right now.

    Q: I don't have any money. Everyone says you need a lot of money to start your own business.

    A: Yes, capital is needed if you are going to do things that involve complicated technology. However, this course focuses on art as a tool for creating value. Art is an extremely impactful tool. You don't need any capital other than your brain to pull that off. Of course, something is needed, for example, to make protos: depending on the products, it is tens or hundreds of euros, not thousands. Even if there is no money, there are always ways, if you have a good idea. So, for that reason, don't stop at least before you start.

    Q: I've never heard of you before. How do I know that you are qualified and your course is relevant for me?

    A: An entirely valid concern in the era of “web consultants” all over the world. But you rarely hear about really good designers or design teachers, because they work for companies that do not want and cannot leak design strategy and details to the public in advance, or necessarily even afterwards.
    Read our testimonials, to get a sense of what other people think of us and if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the content of the course, you have 7 days to decide if you want to get your money back. 

    Just send an e-mail labeled "I want my money back" and explain a reason why within 7 days after purchase (criticism is used for product development and does not affect refunds in any way). You will get your money back, no small print. Refunds are processed every Monday.



    Kati Reijonen

    PhD, Design Educator, writer

    Katrin Koit is a courageous, original, and unremitting design thinker and professional. She dares to seize challenges and is fearless. Working with Katrin is inspiring, as she always has a new and interesting point of view on the subject. Besides, her enthusiasm is infectious. She is always ready to grow, rather than hanging on to old ideas—unless they are proven to work.


    Paula Bello

    PhD, Senior Consult, Entrepreneur

    I worked closely with Katrin for over two years on a very demanding industrial project. Every day she showed her commitment to design in its purest form, combining beauty and functionality. At the same time, she was creative enough to combine those within a frame that had strict production limitations, notwithstanding a crazy schedule.

    What I appreciate most in Katrin is her fearlessness and her drive for quality. She will do everything needed to get the job done, and do it well.


    Judy Swierczewski

    Art director, coloratura soprano

    I met Katrin in 2016 when I was producing Purcell's opera The Fairy Queen, together with the well-known baroque ensemble Fuoco e Cenere in Maurepas city, near Paris. The opera is based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I needed lighting and a modular set for a fun story and my budget wasn't big. Katrin designed and produced, on a shoestring budget, imaginative and playful scenery which was in perfect harmony with the playful fantasy that the play is. Katrin's creative imagination, vision, and efficiency are great forces, as are her openness and integrity.


    Anne-Mette Bundgaard

    Marketing Manager, Dansk Retursystem

    Heidi and I have worked closely together for several years on various number of projects.
    Heidi is hardworking and I appreciate her drive and reliability. From day one you can count on her commitment to present both creative and functional ideas and solutions based on thorough planning and solid communication skills. She will always be at hand whether it is fixing a tiny detail or managing a complete campaign or building a venue for events. And always keen to stay within budget.
    She is calm and pleasant company, deliberate in her decision making and reflections and a superb choice for any project.


    Annette Haugaard

    Communication consultant and journalist

    With Heidi as you partner, you are sure to reach the goals of any project.

    She will fix the smallest of details, remember all agreements and generously share her professional knowledge. On top of that, she is truly nice and funny!

    40 Rue Alexandre Dumas, 75011 Paris

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