According to Wikipedia, “The cycle of rebirth is determined by karma, literally ” your actions”. In the Buddhist tradition, karma refers to actions driven by intention, a deed done deliberately through body, speech or mind, which leads to future consequences.

”Well, well, well. Would we do the same things in life, if we knew that we would be born again, but maybe in a less favourable situation? Would we try to do something differently? I believe that if we knew that there was a possibility that we’ll be born again as an Indonesian garment factory worker or an African miner, it would really change how we look at the world and what we would bring in to the world.

Does it make sense to design a new bag or should I devote myself to something else? If yes, then how, and why? What products are worth existing? What products give more than they take?

Perhaps instead of thinking “what would MacGyver do” or “what would James Bond do”, let’s try to think about what Buddha would do, at least sometimes, if not every day. Some guidance is available here

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