Sometimes, you drift from one day to another, and hope your business grows, you’ll become fit and learn a new language. After five years, you’ll notice that you’re still in the exact same place. Same dreams, same habits, and most of all, same problems, that you think you are going to address somehow magically in the future. If that’s you, keep reading. 

Everything is the same, but not because you aren’t capable. It’s the same because you did not take any action. Why? If I ask you right now, do you even know what your exact dream is? I’m quite sure you can’t say. It’s like a basket full of yarn waiting to become something. A sweater? A doll? Pants? A blanket? Who knows? 

I beg you, stop living your life like a fat-free milk. 

You are worth much more than that. Write down what you want and then start to take steps towards it. It’s much closer than it looks. Is it too much work, or uncomfortable? Maybe. But the question is, are you going to regret one day, that you did not take a step further? 

I hope not. But don’t assume, the only way to stay away from disappointment is to live life fully. 

Be a cream.

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